Welcome to my keep! My name is Sue. I'm an artist, photographer, anglophile, ardent reader (Tell me a story!), film buff, music fanatic, and all-around-omnivore-of-the-world-around-me. Under the cover of superficial cynicism (I'm old enough to know better), I'm actually an insufferable optimist. I live in the October Country and keep a Halloween tree decorated and lit year-round. I adore Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, ghost stories, fan fiction, fan art, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, children's literature, Steampunk, artists, musicians, poets, writers, photographers, philosophers, and anyone who just has something to communicate.

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Click here to support Wheelchair needed. by Lissa Mitchell



I would appreciate it if you’d take a minute to read through this post. Lissa Mitchell is a lovely, talented Sherlockian who was recently diagnosed with the debilitating and incureable Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and is in urgent need of a wheelchair. She is trying to raise the necessary funds from among the Sherlock fandom and the Tumblverse, as she has no other resources at present. Good health is a priceless blessing. I show my gratitude for my own good health by doing what I can to support my friends who aren’t as fortunate. It really doesn’t take much if many Tumblrs contribute modest individual amounts to Lissa’a cause. Thanks for your consideration!


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