Welcome to my keep! My name is Sue. I'm an artist, photographer, anglophile, ardent reader (Tell me a story!), film buff, music fanatic, and all-around-omnivore-of-the-world-around-me. Under the cover of superficial cynicism (I'm old enough to know better), I'm actually an insufferable optimist. I live in the October Country and keep a Halloween tree decorated and lit year-round. I adore Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, ghost stories, fan fiction, fan art, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, children's literature, Steampunk, artists, musicians, poets, writers, photographers, philosophers, and anyone who just has something to communicate.

(DISCLAIMER: None of the images posted here are mine, except those specifically marked: photo by seancecafe.)


Another of my all-time favorite illustrators is Ivan Yakovlevich Bilibin (1876 - 1942). Born in St. Petersburg, he studied art at the Anton Azbe Art School in Munich and under Ilya Repin in St. Petersburg. While traveling across northern Russia, he became fascinated with Russian folk tales. Traditional Japanese prints were another influence on his style. Although he enjoyed a stellar career as a designer and illustrator before the October Revolution of 1917, his career and his work virtually disappeared in the aftermath of the revolution. He settled in Paris in 1925. Homesick for Russia, he finally returned and died there during the Siege of Leningrad.

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