Welcome to my keep! My name is Sue. I'm an artist, photographer, anglophile, ardent reader (Tell me a story!), film buff, music fanatic, and all-around-omnivore-of-the-world-around-me. Under the cover of superficial cynicism (I'm old enough to know better), I'm actually an insufferable optimist. I live in the October Country and keep a Halloween tree decorated and lit year-round. I adore Ray Bradbury, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, ghost stories, fan fiction, fan art, Doctor Who, Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson, children's literature, Steampunk, artists, musicians, poets, writers, photographers, philosophers, and anyone who just has something to communicate.

(DISCLAIMER: None of the images posted here are mine, except those specifically marked: photo by seancecafe.)


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    Augh, my second favorite painting in the world.
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    Van Gough - Almond Blossoms
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    this is my laptop skin and a poster in my apartment. i uh, i like it a lot.
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